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More and more people are realizing the advantages of prearranging their funerals. It alleviates some of the burden placed on their loved ones should death occur. You can save the people you care about most from the emotional turmoil and burdensome decisions that an unplanned funeral can often bring. Pre-planning allows an opportunity to express your own wishes and to choose options that best meet your own needs and the needs of your family. It also allows you the opportunity to make changes later as your needs change. There are several payment options to choose from:

Pre-Plan - Choosing this option allows you to plan every detail in advance. All your wishes are put on record in our files. You pay nothing now.

Pre-Pay - Choosing this option allows you to buy your funeral at today's cost. You receive an inflation-proof contract that prevents rising cost due to inflation, no matter how long you live. You may purchase an entire funeral or any part of funeral, such as the casket, the vault, or the funeral home services. Whatever you choose to pay for will be put in an inflation-proof contract. You may purchase part now and add to it as you are financially able.

Insurance Assignments - You may assign existing life insurance policies to Flowers Funeral Home to cover the cost of your funeral. This type of plan is not inflation-proof. Benefits are applied to the funeral bill at your death. If there is money left over, it is returned to your estate. If you do not have enough insurance to cover the funeral costs, the family will be responsible for the balance. Note: Social Services may require you to assign policies to funeral home, should you ever apply for Social Service benefits.

Inflation-Proof Life Insurance - We now have available a life insurance policy that provides inflation-proof coverage of funeral expenses. Premiums vary according to individual age. You can purchase this coverage regardless of any health conditions. We recommend this to anyone not in good health or to those who wish to pay their funeral by the month.

Flexible Premium Annuity - This option works like a savings account. You start with a $25.00 minimum, then pay in as you wish. Premiums do not have to be paid every month; there are no minimum payments. All money paid in, plus interest, will be applied to funeral expense.

Note: All prepaid or insurance funded contracts are registered with the North Carolina Board of Funeral Service. This protects you from loss, regardless of anything that could happen.

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